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Location: Morgan Street, Barberton, Ohio

​Completed: November, 2019

Type: Institutional, Garage


We were engaged on a negotiated basis to act as Owner’s representative for the bus and maintenance garage replacement for the Barberton, Ohio School District.  Our work started after conceptual design and establishment of a budget by the School Board and outside consultants.  With a fixed budget, the Board required a design-build project delivery system and it was determined that performing a criteria design prior to soliciting DB proposals would afford the District the best opportunity. 


Based on information from the owner, in-house documents from other projects, and additional information gleaned from the internet, we developed a group of documents and targeted eight (8) separate architectural firms to submit criteria design proposals.  The project was also publicly advertised but no additional firms showed interest.  Eventually receiving four proposals, we utilized a combination of a point system, price, and in-person interviews to select Vocon as the eventual successful Criteria Architect. 


During this process geotechnical, land survey, and environmental study work were all conducted or completed so that adequate documents would be available to the Architect to proper prepare documents.  A three month period of Criteria Design followed and culminated in a set of criteria documents including drawings and outline specifications.


During the Criteria Design Process we developed a solicitation letter for Design Build proposals.  This letter along with related documents were all completed in tandem with the approval of the Criteria Design at which time the project was advertised.  Within an approximately 1-month window we received three proposals.  All proposers were interviewed and Millstone Management was the eventual successful bidder.  Their proposal was the lowest cost with the greatest scope and the District had previous experience on several projects with Millstone.


After several months of preparatory work in developing working drawings, awarding subcontracts, fabricating materials, and working through the regulatory and permitting processes, work began in early 2019.  Except for some early underground surprises the project progressed as planned and finished on time and within budget.  The District occupied the facility in December 2019 and it has been operating well since that time.


Location: 2121 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Cleveland, OH 44106
Completed: June, 2019
Type: Institutional, Office


Having previously worked in this space in 2016, we were awarded another remodel that included both the creation of additional private office space and the extensive upgrading of the HVAC system and controls.  Bid and awarded in spring of 2019, two months were allowed to process submittals and acquire the specialized HVAC equipment and components as well as the special energy management controls needed for the work.


Due to the sensitive nature of the work and the particular schedules of both staff and students utilizing the department the University required minimum shut-down time of the space.  Work was completed in seven weeks from initial vacating to reinstallation of furniture.


Included were new offices with finishes to match existing, rerouting of ductwork, several new VAV devices, replacement of the rooftop HVAC equipment serving the space, and a complete upgrade of all controls to fully integrate with the overall building automation system (BAS).


Location: 1747 E. 118th St., Cleveland, OH 44106

Completed: August, 2019

Type: Institutional, Athletic


Lawler Construction was tasked with renovating the CWRU Football team locker room for the upcoming 2019 football season.  Project scope included new carpet tile flooring throughout the entire locker room, freshly painted lockers, and new audio-visual equipment.  Each locker received a fresh coat of paint along with nameplates for the players for the upcoming season.  Lastly, in the center of the space, as a focal point, the flooring contractor installed CWRU's spartan logo to show school spirit.  Lawler was proud to have the opportunity to add to the winning spirit of the program and school.

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