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Employee Spotlight: Tom Lawler

Tom Lawler started work full-time with the firm in December of 2017. He is working toward a degree in Construction Management and initially came to the firm as a senior co-op student out of the University of Cincinnati. As he began work, the growth of the firm required more of his attention and efforts than originally anticipated and it was determined that he would stay on full-time with the firm and complete his formal degree requirements here. With an eye toward taking over ownership of the firm, Tom is working hard at learning and improving existing systems as well as furthering existing relationships and helping to create new ones. The predominant portion of Tom’s efforts at work center around projects. Those efforts include most of the communications, submittals, and change pricing for the projects that he supports. Tom also helps out in administrative areas of the firm lending a hand at the recruitment and training of new personnel. As he continues to gain more experience and broaden his abilities within the construction field Tom will continue to grow and take on a leadership role at the firm. Outside of work Tom likes all kinds of sports and also coaches youth baseball.

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