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Employee Spotlight: Noah Ross

Noah Ross joined Lawler Construction at the height of the pandemic in the summer of 2020. Unsure of what the virus would do to the industry and business, Tom Lawler saw something special in Noah and made the decision to bring on a co-op even though future work was not assured. It turned out to be a fortunate decision as Noah has brought a great attitude and bright mind to the firm and has been a welcome addition to the staff. At the end of the summer co-op term Noah continued on as a part-time assistant through graduation in December with his BS from Kent State. Noah immediately transitioned into a full-time member of the staff and has continued seamlessly integrating into the company culture and growth since that time.

Rotating quarterly between estimating and project management as part of his training process, Noah is currently acting as an Estimating Assistant for the firm. His strengths in technology and research along with the energy and enthusiasm of youth make him an invaluable asset. A “can do” approach to every challenge makes Noah a favorite both inside the company and with everyone he encounters throughout the day. Displaying regular growth and advancement, Noah is becoming an integral part of the firm. He has a great love of commercial aircraft as well as nature and family so that his time away from work is every bit as full and fulfilling as his time at work. Lawler Construction is both proud and lucky to count Noah as part of our team and we hope that you have the chance to meet and work with him in the future.


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