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Co-Op Students Really Make the Grade

As Lawler Construction has continued its growth over the past few years and makes plans for the future, we have found that bringing co-op students in from Construction Management programs has provided us with some bright new individuals and opportunities. We have hired a couple of our past co-op interns as full-time employees and found them to be reliable, hardworking, and knowledgeable individuals. Thus far we have been lucky enough to have students from the University of Cincinnati, Bowling Green State University, and Kent State University work at the firm. We are maintaining our relationships with those schools as well as expanding to the University of Akron's Construction Engineering Technology program. Ohio has a wealth of students both eager and able to add to the betterment of our industry and we are very glad that we began to work with them several years ago. As a small general contractor, we are able to provide these interns with a diverse look at both the administrative and the operational ends of our industry. They have opportunities to get involved with both project management and estimating during a single co-op period and we always make sure to provide occasions to visit both active and prospective job sites. It not only broadens their perspectives but they bring up great questions and suggestions that cause us to pause and evaluate some of the things that we do every day. We feel that it is a win-win-win-win for the student, their school, Lawler Construction, and the construction industry as a whole!

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